As is customary in Cuba, when dictator Raúl Castro visits a city on the island-nation, security forces purge the streets of any opposition–just like when his brother Fidel was in power.

Which is why, two weeks ago, when the younger Castro arrived in the eastern province of Camagüey, opposition members were forbidden to go out in public, and those who had gathered together were arrested, threatened, humiliated and mistreated.

The next day, when I approached the state entities to find out about the detainees’ well-being, I was also arrested myself, and suffered as much as they did.

We are now, weeks later, finally able to send the audiovisual content of the repression. The delay is due to the precarious conditions that exist on the island in terms of technology, particularly for members of the opposition–the regime forbids us from exercising our professions, and as such limits access to any means of financing better communication.

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