Justin Trudeau visits Cuba 40 years after father

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is in Havana for the start of a tour of Latin America.

Cuba pardons 787 inmates after Pope's call for mercy

Cuba pardons almost 800 prisoners in response to a call by Pope Francis to show mercy to inmates.

Photographing Cuba without cliches

Photographer Susan S. Bank wants to portray Cuba's people not as romantic figures but in the harsh realities they inhabit.

Cuba announces military exercises following Trump's win

Just hours after Donald Trump's victory, Cuba announces it will hold five days of military drills.

Wage gap

Indian construction workers brought in to work on a luxury hotel in Havana are being paid 10 times more than their Cuban counterparts, reports Will Ross.

US abstains from UN vote against Cuba embargo

In a historic first, the US abstains from a UN vote condemning its economic embargo on Cuba.

Mosquito-borne virus threat to Americas laid bare

More than 500 million people across Latin America and the Caribbean are at risk from mosquito-borne diseases, a summit in Cuba hears.

US-Cuba ties: Rules eased on cigars and rum

American travellers to Cuba will now be able to bring back far more rum and cigars, as the Obama administration announces new trade measures.

Russia 'considering military bases in Cuba and Vietnam'

Russia's deputy defence minister reveals country is 'reconsidering' the closure of bases in Vietnam and Cuba.

Bracing for Matthew

One of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes in years, Matthew, has hit Haiti and Cuba and is heading towards the Bahamas and the US.

Jamaica prepares for Hurricane Matthew

The strongest Atlantic hurricane for almost a decade is moving across the Caribbean Sea towards Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba.

US election 2016: Trump accused of Cuba embargo breach

Hillary Clinton says presidential rival Donald Trump appears to have violated US laws, after a report said he broke a trade embargo with Cuba.

Cuba plans to install wi-fi on Havana's iconic Malecon seafront

Plans to install wi-fi along Havana's iconic Malecon seafront are announced by the Cuban government, making it the largest hotspot on the island.

Cuba volleyball players jailed for rape in Finland

Five members of Cuba's national volleyball team are convicted of raping a Finnish woman during a World League tournament in Tampere in July.

US-Cuba agree commercial flights deal

The United States and Cuba have agreed to restore regular commercial flights, in a deal that could jumpstart economic relations between the two countries.


United States and Cuba Meet to Combat Trafficking in Persons

The United States and Cuba held a series of meetings this week in Washington, D.C. to coordinate their efforts to combat trafficking in persons. On...

Cuba’s Bizarre Soft Power

Hard and soft powers are two types of foreign policy tools that nations use to exert influence in their relations with other countries. Hard...

Dissident life in Cuba has gotten worse, not better, after Obama and Pope’s visit

After a week of uncertainty, we finally heard from one of the founders of Cuba’s Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarian Movement—recently founded in the eastern province of...

Beaten, imprisoned, and barred from using computers: how cuban dissidents launched the Cuban Anarcho-Capitalist...

As is customary in Cuba, when dictator Raúl Castro visits a city on the island-nation, security forces purge the streets of any opposition–just like...

US Tourism in Cuba Nearly Triples in 2017 Despite Travel Restrictions

Tourism from the United States to Cuba grew by around 200 percent in 2017 despite a tumultuous relationship between the two counties, according to...

Cuban Revolution Turns 59

Since revolutionary forces ousted U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista on Jan. 1, 1959, the Cuban Revolution has captured the imagination of the world. The Cuban...

Castro’s Shallow Economic Reforms Keep Suppressing the Dreams of Cubans

Following the economic and immigration openings between the United States and Cuba during the Obama administration, the Raúl Castro regime reportedly began timid economic...

A Year After Fidel Castro’s Death, the Fear He Fostered in Cuba Lives On

I recently spoke with a Cuban who has been living in Spain for 20 years, who told me that every so often he meets...

Increased Internet Access in Cuba Sheds Light on Systematic Repression against Dissidents

Sunday, November 26 turned out to be a perfect storm of events in Cuba. Not only did it mark the one-year anniversary of Fidel...

Cuba’s Education Farce: There Is No Room for Young Independent Thinkers

One of the cruelest monopolies that dictatorships invariably control — and Cuba is no exception — is, without a doubt, the education system. Cubans have...